Couples who sleep naked vs Couples who sleep clothed

It's a truth universally acknowledged that the act of physically sleeping together does not always equal relationship harmony. What with snoring and 3am tussles over who gets the duvet, there are plenty of pitfalls to disrupt a good night's sleep with your other half.

However there is one easy step you can take to bring happiness - not just in terms of sharing a bed but to your entire relationship; and that's sleeping naked together.

A new survey from Cotton USA has found couples who sleep in the nude are happier than their clothed and PJ'd counterparts.

The cotton experts quizzed 1,004 Britons about their sleeping habits and whether or not they felt happy in their relationships.

They found 57 percent of couples who slept in the nude claimed to be happy together, compared with 48 percent of those in pyjamas, 43 percent of nightie wearers and 38 percent of those in onesies.

Suffice to say, it's not a good day for that panda-themed onesie lurking at the bottom of your wardrobe...

The results are not exactly rigorous; there's nothing to indicate why nudity affects happiness and it could easily be the case that the happier the couple, the more likely they are to sleep naked together (as opposed to nude sleeping actually causing that happiness).

But Stephanie Thiers-Ratcliffe, of Cotton USA, suggested such nudity encourages openness and intimacy, and therefore leads to greater happiness between partners.

"There are many factors which can affect the success of a relationship," she said. "But one factor which is often overlooked is the bedroom environment."


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